Unused potential of the EU internal market for goods

_ Harald Oberhofer, Professor of Economics,  Vienna University of Economics and Research, Research Associate, Austrian Institute for Economic Research; Michael Pfaffermayr, Professor of Economics, University of Innsbruck; Yvonne Wolfmayr, research […]

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The core problem of the EU

_ Jürgen Stehn, Dr. Sc., Head of Economic Policy Coordination, Kiel Institute for the World Economy (IfW Kiel). Kiel, March 2017. Translated into English by Yuri Kofner.

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Inflation through demographic change?

_ Prof. Dr. Ulrich van Suntum, University of Münster, retired Secretary-General of the Expert Council for the Assessment of Overall Economic Development. 14 January 2021. Translated by Yuri Kofner from Oekonomenstimme […]

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