About us

The MIWI Institute is a research network and knowledge platform aimed at better understanding and developing national economic policy together with regional economic integration.

The 21st century is characterized by two major complementary processes: globalization and regionalization. Domestic and foreign economic policy shapes and is shaped not only by the increasingly international division of labor but also by the rise of regional trade and integration initiatives.

Policymakers must formulate the right balance between achieving or maintaining economic sovereignty along with market openness as the basis for efficient resource allocation; between social welfare, environmental sustainability, and international competitiveness. All the while governments and trade bodies face the overarching challenges of digitalization, robotization, demographic- and climate change.

The MIWI Institute focuses on two main research topics: regional, inter-regional, and global integration of markets; as well as national economic policies under the influence of globalization and regionalization. Particular points of our interest are optimal integration sizes and formats, competence allocation, cross-border public goods, national growth models, structural reforms, cohesion policies, bloc-to-bloc cooperation.

The MIWI Institute has set itself the following interconnected tasks of:

  • Connecting leading academics from around the world by providing them with a platform to share their knowledge.
  • Conducting in-house applied and evidence-based economic analysis in an interdisciplinary, policy-oriented approach, which combines theoretical and empirical techniques.
  • Accumulating and comparing in an accessible format the conclusions and recommendations of leading economic research institutes from around the world.
  • Providing applicable policy advice to national governments, governing bodies of regional integration blocs, and business.
  • Engaging in dialogue with the wider public through newsletters, social media, workshops, and round tables.
  • Supporting young researchers through job offerings, internships, educational courses, in addition to directly passing their research results and recommendations to the relevant policymakers.

The “MIWI – Institut für Marktintegration und Wirtschaftspolitik n.e.V.” was founded in 2020 and is based in Grünwald — a picturesque and well known suburb of Munich, Germany.

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