About us

The mission of the MIWI Institute is to provide European libertarian conservative parliamentary groups and political parties with high-quality policy advice on a broad spectrum of economic affairs from an ordoliberal-conservative viewpoint based on leading evidence-based empirical research results. 


  • Policy-oriented high-quality economic research from an ordoliberal-conservative (social market economy) perspective.
  • Research-based policy advice to European parliamentary groups and political parties of the libertarian conservative spectrum.
  • Support for young libertarian conservative academics and policy advisors.
  • Engagement in dialogue with the wider public to promote economic research results and policy recommendations from a libertarian conservative (social market economy) perspective.


  • Publication of short analytical policy notes, middle-sized policy and research papers, as well as longer policy and research reports on relevant issues of regional and national economic affairs as well as European economic integration.
  • Organization of educational seminars and summer/winter schools on a broad range of economic topics for young academics, policy advisors and interested parties.
  • Organization of research conferences and workshops / round tables to develop and improve modern social market economy concepts on a wide range of aspects of economic policy.
  • Dissemination of research results and policy recommendations through newsletters, social media, and other public relation measures.
  • Creation and provision of an expert pool for parliamentary hearings on various economic issues.

Main research topics

  • Public finances and economic growth
  • Demographics and social welfare
  • Climate change and energy policy
  • Digitization and innovation
  • Regional integration and foreign economic affairs
  • Identity and society


  • Economic advisors from libertarian conservative parliamentary groups from the federal and state levels of Germany as founding members.
  • Well known and established economic researchers from Germany and other European countries as close experts.

The “MIWI – Institut für Marktintegration und Wirtschaftspolitik n.e.V.” was incepted in 2020 and is based in Grünwald — a picturesque and well known suburb of Munich, Germany.

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