The greed of the mighty

_ Dr. David Engels, professor, Zachodni Institute. Posen, 9 September 2021.

Corona measures and their consequences

For a long time, one might have doubted whether the Covid strategy of the past year and a half is testament to the incompetence or rather the mendacity of the German and European elites. Because to the same extent that the fear of a global zombie apocalypse turned out to be completely unjustified and the “killer virus” turned out to be comparable to more severe flu waves, the measures against the “pandemic” were tightened in such a way that a return to normal has become just as impossible as a new building of confidence in what is left of German and Western democracy.

First border closures, compulsory testing and lockdown, then electronic surveillance, emergency legislation, prosecution of sceptics and a ban on demonstrations, finally compulsory vaccination, parental disenfranchisement and permanent exclusion of unvaccinated people: step by step all promises were broken, and the foundations of a free, equal and solidary civil society were undermined without encountering any noteworthy opposition from the mass media, “experts” and the public.

How will it go on now? Since protests against the indirect compulsory vaccination have been successfully suppressed all over Europe (except for France), a kind of two-class society of vaccinated and unvaccinated people will soon solidify.

These two groups will, however, coexist anything but harmoniously, because the vaccination sceptics are already chosen as the ideal scapegoats to sow discord between people and to promote the de-democratization of the West by means of the old motto “divide et impera” – and at the same time citizens, who could be ready to say no, even beyond the pandemic, to surrender to the hatred of their fellow human beings.

Corona vaccination sceptics as outsiders

Since the vaccination with unknown long-term consequences neither completely protects against illness from Covid-19 nor against the transmission of the virus, one will have to expect Covid waves with a wide variety of mutations in the future, just like the flu. Here the vaccine sceptics offer themselves as outsiders and “pests of the people” almost by themselves, in order to blame them for the continued existence of the virus and the continuation of lockdown measures as well as for full hospitals.

A considerably more dangerous game is hidden behind this, of course. Because it was already clear before the pandemic that Europe was on the verge of fundamental upheaval: the financial engineering structure of the euro area has been on the brink of abyss since the Greek crisis and can only be supported by means of massive money printing, which is aimed at expropriating medium-sized savers and thus the foundation of our civil society.

Democracy in Europe has been increasingly undermined by the consolidation of a largely interchangeable party oligarchy and the outsourcing of central powers to Brussels. And finally, the media as well as politicians and experts have become so gripped by a hyper-moralizing left-green ideology that all world-historical questions are only dealt with under absurd aspects such as climate change, gender and LGBTQ rights, transhumanism and, of course, the transformation of homogeneous into multicultural identities. An overwhelming conformity has developed under the guise of so-called democratic diversity.

Each of these developments has attracted increasing criticism over the past few years, and for a while it even looked as if the great upheaval in our society was pulling those who drove it with it into the abyss. The Covid pandemic is the ingenious answer to this danger to the elite, and the vaccine sceptic is the perfect culprit. The downfall of the middle class and the rise of billionaire socialism with its left-green painted high capitalism on the one hand and its grey planned-economy on the other?[1] Inevitable collateral damage of the lockdown as well as the “Great Reset” and the European “Green Deal”.

Totalitarian conditions

Increasing totalitarian conditions due to the persecution of unpopular groups, manipulated postal voting, synchronized media, ban on assemblies and demonstrations, conversion of the Covid pass to a social credit system based on the Chinese model and outsourcing of political decision-making to small international bodies? Unfortunately, all necessary for the coordinated protection of “public health” against incorrigible Covid sceptics and other right-wing populists…

Systematic flooding of Europe with poverty migrants from all over the world with simultaneous disintegration of traditional occidental solidarity communities such as family, faith, nation, or culture? The settlement of our “historical debt”, which made a pandemic like Covid-19 possible in the first place, due to the worldwide devastation of patriarchy, colonialism, and global warming.

Is there any hope of breaking out of this absurd but highly dangerous narrative, which two years ago would have been ridiculed as an implausible dystopia? Scepticism is growing: Man is too much at the mercy of the media’s pressure to conform, too much is the greed of those in power to make use of the undreamt-of advantages that the pandemic provides, too much is the seduction to give up personal responsibility and to replace it with upward obedience and downward resentment – the alpha and omega of the banality of evil.

What remains? The hope, nay, the certainty that sooner or later, that unjust regimes, like all others before, which are increasingly taking on shape, will be broken by the eternal urge of that “spirit that always denies” (Faust by Goethe) not to create order and fulfilment, but injustice and self-alienation – and for liberals and conservatives the task of confronting this evil with all our might in order to hinder its stabilization and to guarantee spiritual resistance.


[1] Engels D. (2021). Billionaire socialism. MIWI Institute. URL:

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