Exchange of liberal-conservative think tanks on the future of Europe

On April 23, 2022, representatives of European right-wing liberal parties, party-affiliated liberal-conservative think tanks and alternative media met in Rosenheim, Bavaria, to exchange experiences in lectures and discussions and to develop a pan-European strategy.

MIWI economist Yuri Kofner presented the latest analytical notes of European economic integration. He discussed cooperation and joint approaches for a reform of the European economic community with high-ranking representatives of European right-wing democratic parties and conservative media, including Virginie Joron, MdEUP, ID and Rassemblement National, Filip Brusselmans, MdEUP, ID and Vlaams Belang, Harald Vilimsky, MdEUP, ID and FPÖ, Maximilian Krauss, FPÖ, Jeremy Pedersen, Dansk Folkeparti, Steffen Beckmann and Olga Petersen from the AfD, and Collin McMahon, GETTR.

The participants agreed on the need to find a common denominator on fundamental questions of European integration and economic policy: What is our common vision for a new Europe of sovereign fatherlands? For an EEC 2.0? For a right-democratic “Renovatio Europae”? In order for the answers to these questions to be empirically sound and realistically implementable, joint intellectual preparatory work by liberal-conservative economic think tanks such as the ID Foundation, the DES Foundation and the MIWI Institute is necessary.

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