MIWI economist Kofner confirmed as spokesman for the AfD Bavaria’s “Finance and Taxes” state committee

The AfD Bavaria’s “Finance and Taxes” state committee met on April 26, 2024 for its new election in Greding. Among the highlighted events of the meeting, MIWI economist Yuri Kofner was confirmed as spokesman for the  “Finance and Taxes” state committe.

The state committe is an important body within the party that is dedicated to the development of the party’s tax and financial policy program at the state level. In addition, the committee is also involved in these areas at the federal and EU level.

The general line of the state committe is reflected in its commitment to drastic tax cuts, a leaner state in the service of the citizens, a balanced budget and the return to tax and financial policy subsidiarity and increased federalism. Another important concern of the committee is the switch from cameralistics to double-entry bookkeeping.

These key demands are not only part of the 2023 state election program, but were also significantly developed into the 2024 EU election program. Next, the state committe will actively participate in the 2025 federal election program.

Kofner will not only act as spokesman for the state committe “Finance and Taxes”, but will also once again be a member of the LFA “Money and Monetary Policy”. The previous and new spokesman for this committee is the experienced banker Rainer Gross.

The Alternative for Germany reaffirms its position as the party of all high achievers, taxpayers, the middle class, the lean state and stable finances.

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