MIWI and other think tanks discussed right-wing conservative policy advice in Belgrade

Co-organized by the Serbian People’s Party and the US Republicans for National Renewal, the “Cross-Continental Conservative Congress” was a major gathering of freedom-loving patriots from across Europe, the United States and around the world. The conference on 4 November 2023 in Belgrade brought together representatives of prominent right-wing conservative parties, including Rassemblement National, Lega, FPÖ, US Republicans, Vlaams Belang and others.

Insightful panel discussions on important topics such as “Overcoming the Fake Conservatives and the Globalist Elite”, the role of religion for right-wing parties and effective (social) media communication stimulated fruitful conversations among the participants. The event was enriched by the active participation of prominent figures from the AfD such as Petr Bystron, Prof. Dr. Harald Weyel and Omid Najafi.

At the panel discussion on the challenges and perspectives of political consulting for right-wing conservative parties, Yuri Kofner, head of the MIWI Institute, had the honor to discuss with colleagues from the Machiavelli Center, the ID Foundation, the US Republicans for National Renewal and the Serbian Institute for European Studies.

The “Cross-Continental Conservative Congress” proved to be a productive platform for exchanging ideas, networking and strengthening cooperation between right-wing conservative parties. This unity is aimed at jointly advancing the common goals of preserving freedom, homeland and identity for our peoples.

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