Italy and the Eurozone: exit or reform?

_ Christian Keuschnigg, Linda Kirschner, Michael Kogler, Hannah Winterberg, FGN-HSG, University of St. Gallen. Republished from the original paper with some chapters omitted.The original title of the paper is “Italy […]

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Europe as a Neutral Giant?

_ Joseph de Weck, Fellow, European Security Initiative at the Foreign Policy Research Institute. Philadelphia, 15 June 2020.* Published for debate.

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The (Trading)Costs of a Non-EU

_ Gabriel Felbermayr, President, Kiel Institute for the World Economy; Jasmin Gröschl, Economist, ifo Center for International Economics; Inga Heiland, Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, University of Oslo; Jürgen Stehn, […]

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